Our Aims

Guiding Principles

The Kayhan Foundation has been established as a UK registered charity with the objective of improving the lives of mothers and children with a specific focus on healthcare and education.  The Kayhan Foundation will be active in the UK, East Africa and South Asia reflecting Kayhan’s heritage.

The Kayhan Foundation will operate according to the following key principles –

1. Accountability, transparency and fairness– the Foundation will be provide this for all stakeholders and demand this from initiatives that it supports.

2. Project specific focus – the Foundation will focus on specific initiatives and areas which are under-funded and where it is able to make a distinct impact.

3. Sustainability and efficiency – the Foundation will seek to minimise administration costs and maximise the impact of funds by supporting initiatives with measurable, long term and sustainable impacts.

4. Detailed and rigorous analysis – the Foundation will work with local partners and conduct detailed due diligence on potential projects to ensure the optimal use of its funds.